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Nordic Darkness


The story of Vakinme is illuminating in all its darkness. Its shape is clean and direct with an inviting feeling for simplicity, just like its inspiration – the Nordic nature, a nursery of light and dark, a spellbinding vastness of forceful seasons filled with suspense for what is coming next. Black, grey and white are significant for Vakinme’s content of captivating scents and surprises, for its invigorating way of adding style and character …


With Vakinme we have found an inspirational way of expressing the essence of natural Swedish home and body products. By using certified organic raw ingredients, with refreshing and calming scents, blended with respect for nature and environment we hope to create a sense of well-being and timeless awareness. Moreover Vakinme is a journey and its products in all its expressions happen to be what will make your day more enjoyable and uplifting.

Vakinme Björktuva
Vakinme Björktuva
Vakinme Björktuva